“Three Lessons at a Crossroads” by @hushmel   3 comments

Three Lessons at a Crossroads

I was weary and decided to sit down awhile, criss cross applesauce right there on the pavement. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply until my muscles forgot the feel of walking that long road. When finally I opened my eyes, I realized I’d stopped dead in the middle of a crossroads. I tried to speak aloud to the spirits of that place but found my tongue stolen by time. So there’s the first lesson: if one tarries too long in a crossroads, bits of oneself disappear.

Well then, time to move on. But of course a decision was in order. And no helpful discourse with the spirits would be forthcoming. Probably for the best though. Sometimes their advice is too farsighted to help our poor, myopic race. And that was the second lesson: talking to ghosts of times and places is often fruitless.

Where to then? What data had I at my disposal to inform this choice that was mine all mine? My eyes told me nothing – the same vista in every direction. So again I closed my eyes to let my other senses see while I turned in a slow circle. No sound but my own blood thrumming in my ear. A familiar scent from one direction – must’ve been whence I’d come. Never that briny place again. Not ever.

Ah but there it was. A moist breeze grazed my lips, which I parted gratefully and found my tongue returned. I tasted morning dew and fresh grass. I took a step into the breeze and felt it eddy and swirl gently around me. Surely that’s where I should go next.

I opened my eyes and saw nothing but the same old distant horizon. But I was certain I was facing the right direction. So I took my first step down that new road with complete faith in finding a sweet, gentle morning. And there’s the final lesson: have a little faith, my love.

@hushmel@hushmel is an astute poet, given to rhythm that asks to be read aloud, but this bit of Wanderer fiction shows how a poetic sensibility may inform prose as well. Always am I ensnared by @hushmel’s words and artistic insight. Read more of her at her blog.

Posted August 24, 2010 by thejournalinggame

3 responses to ““Three Lessons at a Crossroads” by @hushmel

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  1. Wonderful. Thank you 🙂

  2. Loved the feeling of indecision and wandering that this brought on followed by hope.

  3. Decisions, decisions… I’m right there with you and faith is all I have to go on. Lovely. ❤

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