August 16, 2010 Journaling Game Phrases   1 comment

#1: “stolen tongue.” from a story brewing in me.

#2: a few hours after this (The Cure) submitted by @marieiris.

#3 “pulling your hair makes you relax” submitted by @inappropwriting

#4: “tongue upon flesh elicits a purr of pleasure” submitted by @matrixm

#5 “blissful, swirling colors” submitted by @clearbluedream

#6: “The brightest light ever was that of her smile.” submitted by @taboolarossi

#7: “Mishaps are like knives”
James Russell. Submitted by

#8: “The past exists only in your mind.” (from Hardcore Zen, by Brad Warner) @coyotetoo

#9: “Swimming through apologies.” Berlin. (metro) Submitted by me.

#10 “Eyes that burn like cigarettes” (Cake, “Short Skirt, Long Jacket”) submitted by @heavywhisper

#11: “garden of delightful opportunities” submitted by @dajapix

#12: “Greed is good.” from “Wall Street.” submitted by @vamponelmstreet.

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