“My Body Is Calling” by @badbadgirlx   1 comment

My body is calling.

Days, weeks, months since the release I need has been given. An orgasm is one thing, but it’s just like bland food. Enough to settle my stomach but not enough to soothe my soul. My body craves the destruction. The eyes that burn like cigarettes. The ripping sensation of the kiss. The tingling of impact. The soft caress of leather. My cunt needs the razor sharp entry and the ragged thrusting. My body is screaming at me to answer it’s call.
My brain needs peace, however. My heart needs solitude. The loud cry of silence. The screaming noise of loneliness. After years of relationship accidents, it’s time that my license is suspended. I must crawl in the ocean of myself and reteach my heart to swim.

My body is calling, but I will not answer. Not yet.

Quiet down, dear flesh.

I will get to you in time.

I first met @badbadgirlx via a searing submission she made to the game in its previous existence. I was impressed with the ache and the meat of that piece. Impressed, too, am I with this. Read more badbadgirlx at her blog.

Posted August 23, 2010 by thejournalinggame

One response to ““My Body Is Calling” by @badbadgirlx

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  1. Wow! That was powerful. I love this sentence. => I must crawl in the ocean of myself and reteach my heart to swim.

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