“Silent Purgatory” by @urzulieunbound   2 comments

He was disoriented; the darkness of the room both a friend and an enemy. He had come here willingly, wanting what she offered even as he was scared to experience it. She was a stranger and yet, in an odd way, a friend. They had spent many hours communicating his wants and desires by e-mail and then phone. Sometimes he felt she knew him better than he knew himself. This trust and understanding between them was how he had come to be in this room, bound and chained to the wall.

Suddenly a door opened on the other side of the room. Through the blissful, swirling colors caused by the sudden blinding light all he noticed was how she had eyes that burn like cigarettes. The depth and strength of her gaze was ethereal to him. She was his savior, his angel, the culmination of his dreams. The mere sight of her was his very own private garden of delightful opportunities. His fantasies come to flesh.

He remembered their last conversation; the one where this meeting was arranged. In essence he had a stolen tongue since she had ordered him not to speak in her presence. He felt her approach him across the darkened room. When she spoke, to him, it was like angels singing. Her lyrical voice soothing to his tortured soul. “The past exists only in your mind” she said. “I will introduce you to your future.”

“I remember when you told me pulling your hair makes you relax” she said to him. “I will add pain and pleasure to that response. You will desire it, fear it, and yet need it to survive. Sometimes greed is good.”

Then she laughed quite evilly as she grabbed his hair and yanked his head back. Tongue upon flesh elicits a purr of pleasure from him. Other things she does produce gasps and sighs. He loses track of time amid the sensations of pain, pleasure and desire.

A few hours after this his head is swimming through apologies for faults real and imagined. But he does not speak because he still does not have her permission.

She can see the thoughts swirling in his mind through the portals of his eyes. She turns to him and smiles. “You may speak now. Tell me what is in your head.”

To him, in that moment, the brightest light ever was that of her smile. He stuttered and stumbled over his words, like a gangly teenager, finally spitting out “Thank you. It was more wonderful than I could have imagined.” He took a deep breath to regain some composure before continuing. “I always thought that mishaps were like knives, cutting you and leaving you bleeding forever. Now, through you, I’ve found the way to heal the cuts. Found the way through the haze and into the light of truth.”

She laughed; a light and pleasant sound to his ears. Another smile brightened her lovely face. “I’m glad I could help you find what you were searching for all these years.” She walked towards him to give him freedom from his restraints. She placed a light kiss on his lips, lingering possibly a fraction too long. Betraying her true feelings, but nobody was there to notice. “I hope to see you again.” She whispered into his ear before she walked away.

@erzulieunboundhas done an excellent job of seamlessly using the phrases together–this is rarely attempted :). Mystery, exotic and provocative, surrounds this new addition to our community. Read more of her intriguing work at her blog.

Posted August 23, 2010 by thejournalinggame

2 responses to ““Silent Purgatory” by @urzulieunbound

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  1. Thank you:)

  2. I want to be him… I’d be putty in her hands. *heart flutters*

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