“Mishaps Are Like Knives” by @slutrockgirl   2 comments

It scares her, the burning ache for his approval.

The sense of absolute joy she feels when he is proud of her fills her up until she feels like nothing in the world could ever be wrong again.

The disappointment she feels when she fails, those mishaps
are like knives piercing her soul. She feels those aches deep inside. The gashes they make allow her fears and insecurites to soar into her very essence, diminishing her.

Just thinking that someone could have such a profound effect on her makes her tremble
with both exhiliration and fear. She wonders if he knows the effect he has on her very being.

I’ve only just met @slutrockgirl, but from this sample of her writing, I already know she’s a wonderful addition to our community.

Posted August 17, 2010 by thejournalinggame

2 responses to ““Mishaps Are Like Knives” by @slutrockgirl

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  1. Nicely done.:)

  2. Very emotional and sensitive… Quite beautiful.

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