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Submissions to the First Session of the #Journaling Game Have Ended   1 comment

Good Morning, Friends of The Journaling Game! Our Resurrection of this community event has been an overwhelming success.

To show for your loving participation, we have a collection of twenty authors gathered for conversation, inspiration, and friendly interaction. Most impressed am I with the quality of the works at all stages–from phrase to submission to reading/comment. This bodes well for the longevity of the game.

Each time you participate at any level, you help to improve the world for writers in practice and hopeful writers who need guidance to find their voices.

With our eyes and hearts focused on building a strong artistic community that supercedes the artificial constructs acknowledging race, gender, socioeconomic standing, class, and even bogus educational notions, I encourage you to play again and with even greater gusto, each and every time. Let’s turn this into a rolling orgasm for the creative imagination/artist.

Please send phrases, write, submit, read, ruminate, comment lovingly, and retweet/share, and we’ll grow, cultivated by your deep interest.