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For a long twitterwhile, The Journaling Game was the place for all types of writers to come together to test, explore, and hone their skills.

The space these authors carved into the Twittersphere and etched across the interwebz together was both cozy, intimate and effective, far-reaching. People from all over the world participated, submitting phrases, sharing work, and acting as readership.

A community was born, and this artistic colony based merit on heart, conscientious participation, and thoughtful interaction. Class notions dissolved to improve our cultural dialogue.

Life intervenes sometimes, tho, and the community had to go silent, at least at this venue, for awhile so that I, Nola Erus, the moderator of the game, could regroup to focus on pressing personal issues.

Tonight, I yearn that interaction I loved so much, and to turn yearn to glowing, vibrant activity, I open the doors to loyal gamers and new folks interested in playing.

The Journaling Game returns. I expect, as always, each new edition will be better than the edition before.

Posted August 16, 2010 by thejournalinggame in Invitations

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