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It had been way too long since I had seen her. I couldn’t remember the last time I had gazed into her eyes or felt the touch of her hand on my face. Her crooked smile and her easy lauigh always drew me out of my funk and brought a smile to my own face. So the opportunity to go and visit her again was a no-brainer. That doesn’t mean that I wasn’t nervous. To the contrary, I was nervous as hell. If I had been able to, I would have worn a rut in the aisle of the airplane, but the turbulence contributed to the butterflies in my stomach.

Would she be different? Would I be too different for her? These doubts plagued me the entire three-hour flight. When we finally landed back in my home town, I was ready to stay on the plane and ride it where ever it was headed to next. The stewardess finally came back to check on me and urged me to deplane. I exited, went to baggage claim, and then stopped dead.

There she was. Age had improved her sensuality–now I was truly a nervous wreck. When she saw me standing there, she sauntered up to me slowly until she got about arm’s length away, then I found her in my arms. She kissed me with such wild abandon that I could not believe this wasn’t a dream. When her words finally registered, she was breathing my name into my ear. “God, I can’t believe how good you look. I wasn’t sure I’d recognize you in this crowd. How have you been, Sweetheart?”

The genuine smile on her face melted my fears, and I swept her into my arms again and kissed her fervently. “I’m good baby. You wouldn’t believe how nervous I was on the flight down here.”

She smiled that crooked smile of hers and just laughed. “Oh, I think I can. C’mon, let’s get somewhere a little more private.”

We tossed my luggage into the trunk and she sped away from the airport, driving through the familiar maze of my old haunts. Soon we were in the driveway of what had been her parent’s house. It looked different, but the same in so many ways. We walked into the living room, my luggage forgotten for the moment. I kicked off my shoes and sank gratefully onto the comforting cloud that was her sofa. She got me something to drink and joined me, knees folded beneath her body, leaning in as we caught up on the time that had passed.

After what seemed like mere moments, she was lighting candles and turning on a dim lamp to ward off the darkness. Where had the time gone? I had forgotten how much I enjoyed her company and wondered why I had ever let her slip from my grasp. As if reading my thoughts, she answered my unasked question.

“We were too young and not ready. I often thought over the years about what might have been, but decided a long time ago that was an exercise in futility. What we had at the time was wonderful and what we both needed, but life had other plans for us,” she said while touching my face with her hand. “But as I sit here with you now, I realize that you have always been a part of me, and always will. Even now, our lives will only bring us together for brief moments, but I intend to treasure each and every one of them.”

She leaned in to kiss me again, and my thoughts flew back to that night so long ago, in a scene very similar to this one. Her making the first move because I was too awkward and unsure of myself to take the lead. And my senses dragged me back to the present as our tongues dueled and our hands wandered. Our clothes seemed to melt away and soon, we were pressed against each other, flesh to flesh in the warm embrace of her sofa.

The familiar but different curves of my lover felt wonderful as I became reacquainted with her pleasure spots and she with mine. Soon she had moved herself above me, kissing her way down my body, toward my hardness. She grasped me gently. “God I’ve missed you and your wonderful body,” she murmured. Her tongue on my flesh elicited a purr of pleasure from her throat and a moan of delight from me.

Our bodies melted into one being as we made love on the couch that evening. Quiet and unhurried, relishing every sensation, every scent, every sound, we consumed each other. When our decades long hunger had been finally sated, it was some time in the wee hours of the morning. As we drifted off into blissful slumber, I kissed her neck and whispered, “I’m glad I came to visit. I just hope the rest of this week will be just as wonderful.”

Again, her crooked smile shone sweetly in the candlelight.

@big_diel is an entertaining tweep, a smoldering romantic storyteller, and a curious reader. Be glad to have the opportunity to know him better and take advantage of that but not of him (unless he wants you to). Read more at his blog.

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  2. Wonderfully immersive….

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