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Nick’s risings… a familiarity experienced every morning… sickly taste on the tongue, utter physical exhaustion and an accompanying megrim. He attributes his malaise to excessive late nights online chats with strangers and alcohol consumed… a soother to alleviate his lack of confidence and deep seeded anxieties.

He’d met Renae online one week ago thru’ one of those social medias…

Renae’s an extrovert, highly intelligent, a post graduate in arts and literature. She’s a news media editor and took an interest in erotic writing only recently.
A fine writer of this genre, Renae relished the company of her online followers, some of BD persuasion, an assortment of peer writers and silent voyeurs. Her kinky taste for DOM & submissive roles alternated depending on her mood or moment each night.

Strangely enough these meetings/readings were highly restrictive, more SMS-like chat media. The followers shown fragments stories and they provide live feedback to the author. It was here Nick spoke, eventuating to the current affair…

She reached out, leant on him, kissing him on the lips slowly… passionately and then teasingly whispered softly in his left ear “I know you…more then you know yourself… love me now please? “

He succumbed as she rocked and ground her pubic feverishly on his crutch…teasing his thoughts, probing his hidden secrets..exposing each vivid details of his fantasy of her… He murmured his intent privately to her, his exploration of her body so demure yet commanding.

He, the seeker meandered towards her sensual zones, knowledge misappropriated, precipitated, revelations recalled from each reading.

His thoughts pleasured from pleasing her, weaving his fantasy details by details each moment proceeded another, stripping, peeling her domination of this affair… his groans of excitement accentuated… knowing they have an unsuspecting audience.

Her nether pulsed, throbbed to his rhythmic words… as she disguised her pleasure with replies of decorum to her audience. *she blushed* Coveting their passion a flame.

“Please stop, Nick…now…b’cause I want you to…please” Renae abruptly pleaded on her keyboard…

“Why? What’s wrong? Aren’t you pleased my dear? I thought that’s what you wanted? ” Nick replied surprised and perturbed.

“Yes…but no…not like this…not anymore…I don’t really know you… truly ..” her protest unconvincing.

Silence. Nick powered off. *Beep*

They’ve been meeting hourly, daily, mornings and nights…waking for each other. Posting audios, pics, videos and chatting, spending more time together as couple than any fleshverse people would. Should there be more?

Nick’s no Don Juan when it comes to women until Renae…now he’d found light and shade, space and form… He’d realized the meaning of ever-consuming passion and lust…

Renae’s separation was only one month ago and still contemplating the reasons of her ex’s infidelities…blamed herself more for the relationship failure. And Nick? a distraction, an escape from her real unresolved hurt but nevertheless a constant thought in her mind these days…

Their unconventional affair, seemingly real, precipitated by boredom and loneliness but apparent fulfilling each others immediate needs. Only thing unconsummated in this relationship… ‘feeling of flesh’ …ever more precious in this private world.

“Evening Nick, how’s your day been?”.

“Pretty quiet one Renae… and yours?”

“I’m well Nick” *Smiles*

“Um, shall we continue from where we paused last…Nick? I want to …ya know I love you…” *kiss*


@novatwitman @and I have had many wonderful conversations via Twitter, but I discovered only recently that he has an interest in writing as well as reading. This was a discovery I was pleased to make, and I’m sure you’ll see that he’s following a proper calling. Read more of him at his blog.

Posted August 23, 2010 by thejournalinggame

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  1. Very realistic. Great portrait of characters. Nicely done.

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