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They say that the past exists only in your mind. I’ve heard this many times but didn’t understand what they meant. After my experience with her though, I can understand what they mean. I’m still not even sure she existed outside of my memories. Does that make me insane? If this is insanity, then I embrace it completely.

I guess some explanations are in order. I went home to visit my old high school crowd. We did the expected bar crawls. After a few of these, my companions were showing their lack of drinking skills. I found myself alone at this underground (as in going downstairs below ground level) dive labeled as “The Flaming Phoenix” of all things. The atmosphere was very rustic, and more than once I worried I might have wound up in some fetish club judging by the clothing I was seeing. As I set my most recent drink down, I noticed what could only be described as feminine perfection escaping the dance floor.

I moved so that when she reached the bar it was to stand beside me. I asked her name as we both tried to obtain the bartender’s attention. I can understand her wanting to use a made up name like Midnight, she probably even thought I was making up my name Coyote as well. We finally got the bartender over and she allowed me to pay for her drink along with getting a refill of my own.

Before too long, I found myself intoxicated by more than merely the alcohol. In fact, I knew I could hold my liquor better than. The only explanation I could come up with was Midnight. Her presence was intoxicating. I used all my tricks I could remember. Teasing playful caress upon her fingers, ice cubes down her blouse, allowing my breath to tease her neck just behind her ear as I whispered in her ear above the music, everything I’ve used in the past to elicit responses from the ladies. Although she reacted to all of it, there was still that feeling as though she was not completely enthralled.

She motioned toward the door with her eyes. I accepted and after paying for the latest rounds followed her into the darkness. As we walked along I noticed the preternatural state of the streets. I commented to her about the quiet and lack of other party-goers. She laughed as she moved closer to me. As her body briefly touched mine, it felt like the heat of my passion would burn my clothing off completely. Her eyes sparkled as she leaned in to whisper in my ear just how much she’s longed to turn a hunter into prey.

Swallowed into the depth of those eyes, I discovered that my lips had gone numb. The heat of her mouth opened upon mine replaced the numbness. I felt her body mold itself to me, my hands sliding along her curves pulling us even closer together. I had no awareness of my surroundings. All I knew was the feel of my flesh upon hers. My hands cupping her rear as I lifted her into the air. Her ankles lacing behind my back, allowing her pelvis to grind against mine. I hadn’t even realized my pants had been opened until I felt her inner heat upon the head of my member. Against a wall we surrendered to our passions.

The only explanation for what occurred next I can come up with is that the explosion of release was so powerful I passed out. I opened my eyes to find myself sitting against a wall in a da alley. I could still feel the moisture of our combined juices on my crotch. I quickly made myself presentable and stumbled back to my hotel room.

The next afternoon I returned to the bar to ask after the only woman to treat me as prey. The bartender didn’t recognize the description of her. He though I left alone. The security tapes showed the truth behind his words. Nothing but darkness joined me upon my leaving the night before. I still hunt to this day for my Midnight who played a trick of hidden passion upon the trickster himself.

An eroticist, @matrixm @matrixm demonstrates the power of a story that tells itself, unpacking details sparingly to inspire the reader’s imagination. Well done.

Posted August 24, 2010 by thejournalinggame

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  1. I’m inspired with this method of story telling. Thank you.

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